About the Artist

Contact: buglior@gmail.com

Rebecca was born in Chicago, Illinois. She is an alum of the Rhode Island School of Design with a MFA in Ceramics (’16) and an alum of Berry College where she obtained her BA in art with concentrations in art education k-12 and studio art: ceramics (’13). She enjoys teaching children and adult ceramic courses on a variety of techniques when time allows. Rebecca currently resides in the Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee working at Arrowmont School of Arts of Crafts as the Program and Studio Manager.

Artist Statement

Rebecca enjoys finding the balance between forgotten or simply over looked moments in nature and everyday objects. Quiet observance of growth patterns and functions of organisms is an inspiration. Many plants are able to provide for themselves through the process of photosynthesis. Fungi however, are seen as the outliers, often needing an exterior host of some sort to survive on. By using this decay and growth symbolism that fungi offers in nature, she is able to express that while some situations fade from our memories, with time that decay leads to growth – a host for others to consume or change.

Through the primary use of sculpted fungi, she aims to recreate its ability to distort and consume items that should be familiar, but in a small moment or slow stillness, can fade into something unrecognizable – something new, much like a forgotten detail in a memory or object. By using clay objects as the host, she attempts to capture and preserve moments where objects are in the process of being lost and altered to highlight the tangible decay in memory and the beauty of new growth that nature exemplifies.